Welcome to the multi-dimensional world of colour ~ Colouring your life ~

How does all this change make you feel?

It’s a strange world we live in currently isn’t it?  One of extraordinary challenges and change.  A place of confusion and constant information to sort through.  Of isolation and restriction on our freedom; of non-contact that essential human sensory need for touch.  All of this generates so many thoughts and feelings which one minute seem to make sense and in the next feel chaotic. A cacophony of sound and colour beyond our understanding. It sometimes may feel we simply can’t cope because IT, whatever IT IS, has upset the balance of our daily lives.  

I hear many people desperately wanting to return to what was .. their old “NORMALITY”.  But what was NORMAL then, seems not just impossible to reach but may be also feels not quite RIGHT!

Bet you can't fly like that!

None of us are immune to change, wherever we are on this planet we call ‘home’.  Our personal experiences may seem difficult. It may FEEL too much. None of us can compare how we  FEEL compared to anyone else.  Each person’s experience is DIFFERENT .. unique in fact. But SPEAKING about what ever comes up for YOU is so important. BEING ABLE TO EXPRESS HOW YOU FEEL is what enables you move forward.   

When we feel a bit LOST may be just don’t know what to do. But perhaps our hidden feelings go beyond that; we may be anxious, afraid, angry or just generally shaky.  BUT IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU REALISE THAT YOU ARE NOT ON YOUR OWN.  And YES! It IS PERFECTLY OK to feel that HARD PLACE, that uncertainty, that lack of control.  

Moving forward?

We can’t stand still . We can’t go back … we don’t even really know what’s going to happen in the FUTURE.  ALL we have got is THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW. There’s a well know writer Eckhart Tolle who wrote a book called “The Power Of NOW”. It was one of most powerful books I have ever read. It was as if someone poked me in the ribs and said “Stop looking back at the past. You can do nothing about it. BUT you CAN change what is happening RIGHT NOW. You have a choice. It was a “WAKE UP! HILS.” moment for me.  

BUT what if NOW, in this moment, things don’t feel too good either.  What can I do? What can YOU DO?  This may seem a bit strange but let’s try something ….. Find yourself a quiet space where you can be on your own for a few minutes … NOW PRESS YOUR PAUSE button … do you know where it is?   Listen to this 5 minute track which just might help you!    

So WHAT IF we stopped what we are doing RIGHT NOW and PRESSED PAUSE

  • A PAUSE is a moment in time in which we choose to stop what we are DOING and allow our minds and bodies to TAKE A BRIEF REST.
  • PRESSING PAUSE.  We press pause on our tech gadgets when we’ve had enough. WE can also choose to PRESS OUR OWN PAUSE BUTTON when WE want to rest.
  • With PAUSE PRESSED our minds still may still be whizzing round. So let’s still our minds by focusing on our BREATHING
  • NOTICE YOUR BREATHING .. It’s something you do every moment you are alive without thinking. Just notice your BREATHING …. IN … and … OUT. 
  • FOCUS ON THAT COMPLETELY FOR ONE MINUTE then VERY GENTLY bring yourself back to paying kind attention to the living of your life.     

Playing with the Colour in your Life

How many of us truly take notice of the colours in our lives? 

We might notice it when we decorate our homes. We certainly notice it as nature’s seasons change!  As we choose what to wear each day there may be a hint of recognition or delight at wearing a particular colour. But on the other hand we may well just wear whatever comes to hand or whatever feel comfy!  We often have a favourite colour that we use around our homes in one form or another. 

Can you think of any other colour choices you might make?  We don’t get chance to go ‘clothes chopping’ these days. Its mostly online which doesn’t seem to have the same attraction for me!!!    

But this has given me the chance to rediscover colourful items in my wardrobe that I had forgotten. I so love playing with colour.  

But in these strange times there have been moments when I have lost sight of the colour around me.  I also see and hear children and adults shutting down their feelings because they no longer know how to deal with what arises. I too have felt that from time to time .. a way of protecting parts of myself that feel distressed. There is a dimming of the brightness with which I perceive colour .. almost a time of seeing life in monochrome

Yet it is in these moments when I PAUSE, I turn my attention to the smallest patches of colour emerging in life’s jigsaw. It is strange how those patches grow in size and increase their vivacity as I watch them emerge.  I think Carl Rogers got it right! 

So rarely are we confronted by a deep knowing that nothing will ever be the same again in the world we have created not just at an individual level, but at every level of society.  Nothing will remain untouched. We no longer have any certainty to anchor to .. indeed if we ever did other than in our minds.

We do not know what colours the world will be dressed in .. only in this moment.  As an observer of change colour, is my greatest informer of how I am relating to the Universe. There are times I have no words to express my sense of colour .. my perceptions .. too. 

Those who know me feel how much I am anchored in nature at a very deep level. And amidst all of this turmoil I feel all aspects of our planet breathing such a deep sigh of relief. What feels like an immensely long period of time  … to ‘endure’ … or ’embrace’ what is emerging, is simply a momentary pause in the life of the our planet, Earth. Yet here too, when I pause .. it is the subtle sensory changes I feel which keep me grounded.

A little about me

My name is Hilary. I am an experienced and qualified COLOUR THERAPIST AND COUNSELLOR at Colouring your life.com.

But those are simply labels. As a biologist, I taught 11-18’s for 25 years a job I truly loved  . However I also spent much of my time working with children with Special Needs integrating them into mainstream science lessons. A serious car accident forced me out of formal teaching but out of all the trauma arose an amazing space for me to explore so many other exciting opportunities to work with talented passionate people. One of the biggest lessons I have experienced in my life has indeed been that we are so often confronted by unexpected change which if we PAUSE with all of that it can indeed transform our lives, if we allow it.  

We spend our lives answering questions “What do you do?”, “What is your job?” we are trained from a very early age to put ourselves in a box labelled “ME”.  It takes a lifetime of being a human being to begin to know who we are. To truly see what our potential is on this wonderful place we call Earth. 

Along the way we learn loads of stuff, including how to survive. We experience the roller coaster of life, gathering ideas of what it feels like “to be ‘me’.  We develop belief systems .. things we believe to be true.  Being social animals we create relationships with others we encounter.  And most of judge ourselves as successful or not, good enough or not, and so do our children and our parents …. they judge themselves too.  I consider myself fortunate to have had a good few people prepared to listen to my stories and show me what really matters as I live my life day to day.  But I’m human too; I’ve made oodles of mistakes and still do. I still get wrapped up in stories, judgement and blame. But I catch myself at it and can laugh at myself these days. 

And I have made room in my life for that which I feel passionate about ….  INCLUDING MY LOVE OF COLOUR, ART, MUSIC, NATURE and just BEING HUMAN.  

Along my journey which has always been deeply connected to colour  … I have learned to use the energy of colours .. of light .. to literally COLOUR MY DAYS.  To bring sunshine into my life when its may seem endlessly grey, to bring calm when it feels like a red maze …

Indeed this is what you’ll find here .. a box of tools  .. of coloured tools to bring greater awareness into your life .

I welcome you here to the magic of embracing the fun when you start discovering the million and one ways YOU can truly begin COLOURINGYOURLIFE with much greater awareness and JOY.


Our tool box is full of ways that we can help ourselves not just survive but feel the sunshine in our lives.


To exist as a human being is to embrace creation. How do you express creativity in your life


Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly
So goes the words of the song.   

As humans we are gifted with the ability to see our world in colour.  To discriminate  between thousands of different shades and hues.  From being a very small baby we build associations with certain colours .. Kaleidoscope Colouring your life.comlearning their amazing beautiful language. In time, we learn how they touch our soul, teach us and inform us.

The playfulness of creating in colour begins when we are very small. It evolves uniquely and beautifully in each of us throughout our lives. We show this in the way we dress, in the food we choose, maybe in the way we spend our time and certainly in the spaces we call home. But colour offers each one of us so much more than that. 

Colouring your life .com Logo 3For me, colour is part of my nutrition. It’s energy speaks to my soul, much as music does.  I look at each day as a blank canvas .. full of possibilities.  But these days I choose to live it in awareness of how colours flavour each experience.  Appreciating not just the natural colours of my surroundings but also the way that they come alive for me.

It has become a way of BEING not a way of DOING.  


Meditation .... temporarily unavailable ..... will be back tomorrow!!

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