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Colouring your life .com may be a space for me to express who I am.  But it is so much more than that!  It is here to give YOU a flavour of how I arrived in this space, right here and now.  HERE is also a space for me to offer YOU the opportunity to share my journey and Colouring YOUR Life too.  

My name is Hilary. I am an experienced and qualified Colour Therapist and Counsellor at Colouring your life.com.  But those are simply labels.                                                                                                                                                                                                               My life experiences as a teacher, speaker, facilitator, working with people in many countries, sharing so much wisdom .. makes it hard to define who I am.  I am all that and so much more  ….    I hold a bunch of keys which I will share with you.  These keys open doors for you to discover who you really are.  

In all aspects of my work, colour plays a significant part. It often offers us a clue to what is stopping you living with vibrant health, well-being and happiness.  


I feel so blessed to be born into such a vibrant colourful world.  Colour provides us with so much information about our environment from the moment we are born. We need to discriminate between colours to see where edges lie .. where one thing finishes and another starts!  Those colour differences can be so subtle yet we as humans can see those differences enabling us to discriminate between over 50,000 different shades and tints within the visible spectrum our eyes respond to. 



All children like rainbows .. nature’s magic .. around whichColouring your life Prism and spectrum, so many tales and songs were created but I can remember when I first created a rainbow for myself .. in fact not one but millions. My Granny had a crystal hung up in her window and she gave it me to hold. I was 4 years old. She showed me how to let the sun’s rays shine through it and that moment when the sunlight split into its magical colours all over the wall took my breath away.  I remember dancing and twirling the crystal .. and the pure WONDER.   

Curiosity has been the driving force behind my passion for learning throughout my life. Those questions HOW and WHY? That I became a scientist was not surprising. I was never satisfied by a quick answer. Something in me wanted to know, wanted to explore. It led me to discover amazing things about biology, chemistry, physics and oceanography.  I was lucky enough to be able to spend many years passing on this magic to many, many children, as a teacher. Yet I never stop learning ..  The discovery and magic never stop. 

And COLOUR? Think about it .. colour is an essential characteristic of every aspect of that learning..  And more than that as our world is coloured so is our imagination.  



By training, by profession, by experience I AM A COLOUR THERAPIST.  I have heard so many ask, curiously “WHAT DO I DO?”   

Colour Therapy was practised thousands of Colouring your life through Historyyears ago. We have evidence that sunlight which was passed through crystals to be split into its component colours was used to make people feel better .. to heal .. to benefit their wellbeing.  No one questioned why or how. They experienced its benefits. That was enough. There was an implicit trust that it worked ..  After all, it appeared as MAGIC to them!  

Today there are many vocal sceptics who label Colour Therapy as ‘pseudoscience’.  But if you read what they say they are failing to pick up on the fact that we all respond with body, mind and soul, to colour. Marketing and advertising success depends on those predictable human responses.



Over and over again it has been shown that our bodies actually, physiologically (that’s a cell and system levels!)  respond to different COLOURS (wavelengths) of light in many ways. We may respond by secreting hormones which regulate our body processes.  Our brain waves change as we are stimulated or calmed by certain colours. Our responses are unique and amazing!  We are subconsciously colouring our life on a daily basis! 

During our life times of exposure to colour we also show certain preferences relating to colours.  We often have a colour we describe as our favourite that we particularly relate to, sometimes called your Soul Colour.  There is plenty of science around if you want to see it! 

It seems so much easier to create a short video to explain how I came to work with colour as a COLOUR THERAPIST AND COUNSELLOR .. It may help you to get a feel of whether it feels right for you.   Just press the play button below on the video.

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COMING TO REST ~ allowing yourself to press pause. 

If you enjoyed this video there are many more throughout the site together with some short exercises, meditations, and useful links to related information. 
I have created a 10 minute MP3  track .. to help you to put a short PAUSE into your daily routine.  This is freely downloadable if you would like it on your phone or tablet. 


Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly
So goes the words of the song.   

As humans we are gifted with the ability to see our world in colour.  To discriminate  between thousands of different shades and hues.  From being a very small baby we build associations with certain colours .. Kaleidoscope Colouring your life.comlearning their amazing beautiful language. In time, we learn how they touch our soul, teach us and inform us.

The playfulness of creating in colour begins when we are very small. It evolves uniquely and beautifully in each of us throughout our lives. We show this in the way we dress, in the food we choose, maybe in the way we spend our time and certainly in the spaces we call home. But colour offers each one of us so much more than that. 

Colouring your life .com Logo 3For me, colour is part of my nutrition. It’s energy speaks to my soul, much as music does.  I look at each day as a blank canvas .. full of possibilities.  But these days I choose to live it in awareness of how colours flavour each experience.  Appreciating not just the natural colours of my surroundings but also the way that they come alive for me.

It has become a way of BEING not a way of DOING.  





Beginnings ......

There was a great deal of beautiful open countryside surrounding villages and their ribbon developments of new estates being thrown up in the post war ‘baby boom’ era.  Everyone seemed glad to be alive and that was the landscape I emerged into.  So much room to explore,  allowing that sense of adventure and childhood imagination to flourish. Houses were still pretty drab by modern standards but nature provided the multi-coloured landscape for my discovery of wild flowers, birds and other creatures whose images I used to create paintings from with my Dad’s watercolours.  

My thanks to Dean Marston for this short video 

I began to really notice and appreciate the things that COLOURED MY LIFE … gave it tone, texture, feeling, thickness. I noticed the colour of emotions arising within me … how yellow my joyful exuberance felt reflected in the daffodils, how red my anger and frustration when I couldn’t get my own way.  How black it felt when I found myself alone and scared.  How gold it seemed when running happily around the beach in the summer time. And what is it about blue that seems to create a sense of calm? I was curious ….. and still am! 

My curiosity has been my driving force in life. It has led me to travel the the planet in days where there was little tourism. It gave me a different perspective on life and a sense of awe about our beautiful planet. But it also took me on a journey into the depths of self inquiry. It created in me a love all aspects of Science which played out after my academic studies with degrees in Biology and Chemistry, in my role as a teacher and beyond. 

My passion for teaching teenagers gave me so many moments of joy. I wrote books to support their learning especially for children with learning difficulties. Yet with government changes to so much in education, I was finding life increasingly stressful, with a work life balance that had become very distorted.

I became exhausted and frustrated with the whole education system.   

We all have pivotal moments in our lives when we are forced to question the direction we are travelling or the manner of our journeying. The first of these involved in car accident in which I nearly lost my life.  It brought my teaching career to an abrupt halt.

Key moments that changed my life

With serious injuries, my immediate needs were for healing and rest.  But I was impatient to get ‘back to where I was’.   I pushed myself to be OK.  But I never really listened to what my mind and body needed.  And eventually, with tradition medicine unable to help me further, I looked around for a different type of support. I was shocked to realise for the first time that I simply didn’t care enough about ME.  I put everyone else first.  That was my way to make myself feel needed and loved.  I knew things had to change. But HOW?

I ‘talked the talk’ but certainly didn’t ‘walk the walk’. One day I looked in he mirror and that brought me to tears. I really didn’t know who I was or what I wanted from life any more. I was expecting others to love me but I really didn’t love my self. There was something in me needing to be heard. I felt that I was not good enough. I measured myself by what everyone around me said, and I heard that so often as a judgement. Things HAD to change. But I realised that I CANNOT CHANGE OTHERS. I CAN ONLY CHANGE THE WAY I THINK.

There I began what is still amazing adventure. I love learning so I read a lot! By chance I came across and joined a beautiful Meditation group. Gradually I began to listen to wise words being spoken by others, to give myself space to talk with others too. ,

This was so vital for me to be able to heal. Animals came in to my life who deeply connected with me. Stuff was happening to and around me that felt really deep down good.

As I delved deeper, I also discovered more about MEDITATION, Psychology, BREATHWORK and Quantum Energetics. I trained as an energy healer and counsellor using Colour, Sound, Crystals, Reiki and Light Therapy and many other modalities. I began to share with others too what I was learning. And slowly, I began to heal at a deep level.

I have come to appreciate that it wasn’t just a learning taking place. There was something about the space I shared with some truly amazing people, and the ways in which they shared their own stories that touched something vulnerable inside my heart. There was a deep resonance .. a recognition, a remembering. I was learning to LISTEN TO MY WHOLE BODY … and its Inner Wisdom. I felt so alive, so full of joy and love.

My life has totally changed and so too, can yours.

“This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play” : Alan Watts

I began to clearly see and feel what my purpose was in life.  I wanted to be able to help other people to shift in their lives. To support their journey to remembering who they are. To watch them grow as they begin to feel the deep peace and self love as they Listen Deeply to themselves.  To hold a safe space for them to evolve and play … where there is no judgement.  To share the joyful, fulfilling creative place in me that I had rediscovered.

But I needed a further lesson!  I needed not just experience but embody what I had learnt. I needed to FEEL all the wisdom I was looking for was actually inside of me. . . it’s inside all of us.  It began to feel like a reconnection with my self … a remembering of who I was. 

It is through my own healing journey and self realisation that I discovered the keys to unlocking my own true potential and finally accepting and loving my true authentic self.

Which brings me to where I am today. I feel I have come full circle . . . totally in love with my life, with my childlike curiosity, walking the path of authenticity and in health. 



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