A little about what brings so much joy to my life

I feel like the luckiest person on this planet being alive at this moment in time.  I can look back over my 73 years with eyes that see the whole picture, the whole journey. It has been a roller-coaster like no other in terms experiences and opportunities, of highs and lows, challenging in the extreme at times but brought me to a place of deep understanding of who I am.  If I were to take a box of crayons .. or better still a palette of oil paints and paint colour each part .. indeed each moment of my day .. some days it would look like a kaleidoscope .. a chaotic cachophony of colours. Other days would be represented by a symphony of hues which I felt truly in sync with. Colours act as my barometer, expressing my emotional integrity … my passion for life.

If I was to make a list of what brings me joy it would seem simple :  my friends and family .. my cat .. my garden .. my plants including herbs … aromatherapy … being in nature .. music that touches my soul .. and art .. being able to express myself through creativity which for me currently is painting and exploring different media.  I love writing and to be able to share what I love with others …    

This gallery below gives you a hint of all of this but behind everything I ‘do’ is an excitement driven by curiosity and seeing the immense possibilities available for me to explore   

Working with others ~ My three passions!

We all have things in our life which create joy and laughter. Things that touch something inside us that creates excitement. All my life I have shared my passions with others .. and I have been lucky to have have had others share their passions with me. My love of colour .. how it stimulates my imagination and weaves its way onto all I do .. is always a wonder to me. May be it has something to do with my love of the outdoors and being in nature where I feel truly at home. That’s where I discovered my love of plants and discovered those we call HERBS a discovery too which has deeply enriched my life. My third passion lies in that something in me that I call creativity which leads to my love of drawing and painting. All my passions simply intermingle and ‘colour my life’ in different ways. So here too I share them with you. 

Sharing my Love of Colour

That's what this website is all about but I also connect with many people through video connections on the internet. This link takes you to information about groups I hold.

Sharing my Love of Herbs

From being very small I have LOVED herbs and never stop discovering more and more about them . This link takes you to my second beautiful website: www.loveofherbs.co.uk

Sharing my Love of Art

Whenever I have time, I love painting and drawing in many mediums and also picking up my camera and taking photographs. This link takes you to my gallery