A little about what brings so much joy to my life

I feel like the luckiest person on this planet being alive at this moment in time.  I can look back over my 73 years with eyes that see the whole picture, the whole journey. It has been a roller-coaster like no other in terms experiences and opportunities, of highs and lows, challenging in the extreme at times but brought me to a place of deep understanding of who I am.  If I were to take a box of crayons .. or better still a palette of oil paints and paint colour each part .. indeed each moment of my day .. some days it would look like a kaleidoscope .. a chaotic cachophony of colours. Other days would be represented by a symphony of hues which I felt truly in sync with. Colours act as my barometer, expressing my emotional integrity … my passion for life.

If I was to make a list of what brings me joy it would seem simple :  my friends and family .. my cat .. my garden .. my plants including herbs … aromatherapy … being in nature .. music that touches my soul .. and art .. being able to express myself through creativity which for me currently is painting and exploring different media.  I love writing and to be able to share what I love with others …    

This gallery below gives you a hint of all of this but behind everything I ‘do’ is an excitement driven by curiosity and seeing the immense possibilities available for me to explore   

Working with others ~ My three passions!

We all have things in our life which create joy and laughter. Things that touch something inside us that creates excitement. All my life I have shared my passions with others .. and I have been lucky to have have had others share their passions with me. My love of colour .. how it stimulates my imagination and weaves its way onto all I do .. is always a wonder to me. May be it has something to do with my love of the outdoors and being in nature where I feel truly at home. That’s where I discovered my love of plants and discovered those we call HERBS a discovery too which has deeply enriched my life. My third passion lies in that something in me that I call creativity which leads to my love of drawing and painting. All my passions simply intermingle and ‘colour my life’ in different ways. So here too I share them with you. 

Sharing my Love of Colour

That's what this website is all about but I also connect with many people through video connections on the internet. This link takes you to information about groups I hold.

Sharing my Love of Herbs

From being very small I have LOVED herbs and never stop discovering more and more about them . This link takes you to my second beautiful website:

Sharing my Love of Art

Whenever I have time, I love painting and drawing in many mediums and also picking up my camera and taking photographs. This link takes you to my gallery

Want to bring one of my favourite sharing things I use with so many people to YOU

Creating a treasure chest or a tool box ?

Or may be BOTH?  

This is what I LOVE about this work. Something always pops up unexpectedly. Isn’t it the case that we’re ALL in the creating business particularly anyone who runs a website, Facebook page, Instagram account and so on ….. we’re ALL CREATING or LOOKING FOR SOMETHING. Here, on this website I’m often asked what it is I ‘DO’? Lovely work that .. ‘DO’  🙂  Apart from giving you some stuff to read, challenging some of your ideas maybe, sharing with you some of the things I have learned along the way ….. my intention is to help you create or discover for yourself YOUR VERY OWN TREASURE CHEST and TOOL BOX.   

Now … there is a distinct difference between each of these containers. I wonder if you may have already have a tool box or a treasure chest.  May be if the idea appeals to you, you may like to create your own container or hunt for a suitable one.  I have a wonderful time creating both of these over a number of months and indeed have created other versions as time has gone on. I have a treasure chest from my childhood and another from my early years of being a Mum.  Maybe it’s about time I made a Grandmother’s Treasure Chest ….  Yes may be I will. 

The Treasure Chest

The Tool Box

In the traditional manner, here’s an image of a treasure chest filled with GOLD!   But what if you could select your own EMPTY Treasure Chest and fill it to bursting with things that you feel are important to you, in some way. Your chest can be any shape of size … and you can fill it with whatever you would like. The fun thing is that you can just use your imagination to do this OR you can go out there and find yourself a Treasure Chest and fill it for real!  Whichever way you chose you could present this .. show this .. share this .. in any way you like with whoever you like.  You could even make a short video about it all and send it to me or talk about it on Facebook! 


Again traditionally, here’s a tool box filled with useful tools. Now here again, you have a choice! YOU can chose your own empty TOOL BOX … size colour , shape .. it’s up to you. And then YOU can chose what tools you want to fill your box with.  That can mean in your job, in your free time, in your family life or relationships or may be just tools that help you through your own life. They can just be thoughts, something that represents your TOOL or even pictures … there’s so many ways to fill you Tool Box. Again, you could present this .. show this .. share this .. in any way you like with whoever you like. You could even make a short video and send it to me! 


Sharing your journey with this .....

This exercise can be really playful and imaginative or it may well create in you thoughtful moments which you wold like to share with others or with me HERE.  I am certainly going to set up a group to play with this. initially on Facebook. Look out for details of it on my personal FACEBOOK page  or on this Website’s Facebook Page  We will be using the easiest way of meeting which includes the securest way … which is ZOOM.  However any one can contact me for a quick chat about this idea via messenger. and I WILL respond.  If are really interested contact me either via Facebook or my CONTACT FORM HERE.