Take A Moment

Here you will find details of the services I offer, both online and in person

Each service that I offer is based upon my being present with you with my whole being and especially my heart.  Presence can be described as the capacity to show up and be there fully for another beautiful human being.  Being present allows that person to simply be who they are in that moment without judgement, without labels, without having to pretend. When someone is really present with you .. you feel safe, safe enough maybe to be vulnerable because you feel held. You feel heard … really listened to … at a deep level.  

Sometimes there is nothing more healing – or more loving- than the feeling of being seen and understood.  Many therapists have a need to try to fix something in you .. but there truly is nothing to fix.  ‘Fixing’ happens when we allow ourselves to be in our heart space and feel care, love and compassion for ourselves, just as we are, and that sense of movement, energy change or however you want to name it can be so subtle but it brings an easing. This never ceases to astonish me .. and makes me smile from my heart. 

Colour Therapies
Colour Circles
Meditation and Deep Listening

There are three areas in which I work:

  • Using one or more aspects of my work as  COLOUR THERAPIST AND COUNSELLOR
  • Using my experience as a teacher of MEDITATION AND MINDFUL LISTENING (as a qualified Focusing Practitioner) to explore aspects of who you are, to hold a trusted, non-judgemental space in which you can speak and be heard, or to look at issues/problems that might be affecting your life now. 
  • As qualified FOCUSING PRACTITIONER AND TEACHER,  to teach, show you and allow you to fully experience the process of DEEP MEANINGFUL LISTENING 

At the moment I can only work online but am doing so with bothTHE COLOURS OF THE PEARL individuals and small groups. I generally use the secure ZOOM platform (, which is easy to access on all phones, tablets and computers as a App.  If you are unfamiliar as to how this operates, or as it was with me 10 years ago, anxious or hesitant about whether working with someone online feels OK,  I offer a free 20/30 minute taster session to ease any anxieties you may have. 

 If this works for you, PM me through my business page and we can arrange a mutually agreeable time!  The most convenient way for you to contact me, to ask questions is through my Business page on Facebook or using the Contact form on this website. I always try to reply within 24 hours. 

Colour Therapies

I use aspects of my huge basket of Colour Therapy Tools and Practices to share and journey with clients.  I offer the following services, which are more thoroughly described elsewhere. Just follow the links by clicking on the box to find out more

Colour Reiki and Breathing

Colour breathing and Reiki

1 hour session : £33

Colour Card Readings

Reflective Colour Card Readings

1 hour session £33 CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Colour Expressions

Exploring How Colour Expresses itself in YOU

90 minutes exploring your relationship with colour. We are looking to discover how you can bring more colour into your life to express who you are. My Charges are for a 90 minute ONLINE SESSION : £50

Heart Love

A Unique personal package to explore the world of colour with me.

Again this is a very personal tailor-made package designed to meet your needs. It is a Half Day experience lasting 3 hours
I will speak to you personally so that we can co-create a morning or afternoon that meets your needs. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABL

Discovering who you are

This can be many things depending on where YOU are in your journey.  I will always  have an initial meeting with you online via SKYPE, Messenger or Zoom so that I can discover what it is you would like to achieve and whether you want to do that using aspects of Colour Therapy or by exploring what is there in a held space where we can talk together. 

Exploring Colour


These can be very beautiful but intense sessions so I limit them to 45 minutes both on line and in person. I have learned as a teacher, as a Colour Therapist and Counsellor how to really be with others and hear what they need to speak. Because this is an area of work I love, I studied and qualified as a Practitioner of Focusing which gave me skill to develop and explore what we carry in ourselves which just never bother to listen to .. or may be we don't want to.
I personally embody these listening skills and use them constantly in my life. I would love to share them with you.
I charge £33 for ONLINE SESSIONS lasting 45 minutes


We spend so much of our lives pretending or serving others that we sometimes lose sight of who we really are. in our busy lives we can save ourselves so much energy if we able to stand gracefully in our power and just BE who we are. That is a big part of loving ourselves. My training and life experiences have shown me so many ways we can really connect with who we truly are. THIS IS A TALKING AND LISTENING exercise a true exploration together of what your needs really are.
This 'work' takes place in a Session lasting 50 minutes either online or in person.
I charge £33 for these ONLINE SESSIONS

The Practice of Focusing and Deep Listening.

I love this work! .. But it isn’t ‘work’ to me .. It’s simply about being with another person, like you, and exploring together whatever it is in you  that need to be heard. Sometimes we don’t even know what that is until we find ourselves in a safe loving space where there is no judgement … just you and me on a journey.  

The Bridge

There is a distinct difference and feel to the way I work and those of many other practices.  So many therapies focus on solutions such as becoming happier, on fixing or improving ourselves. But these outcomes automatically arise as we bring our attention into where we are currently, right now, listening to our alive and spontaneously unfolding inner reality.  Held in a non-judgemental, safe space, this aspect of you is revealed moment by moment, bringing about a deep sense of being in touch with your experience. It feels like your truth. As I explored this work I was able for the first time in my life to say “THIS IS ME. THIS IS WHO I AM” . 


Another aspect of this work is something that we tend to deny ourselves.  And that is that our BODY KNOWS THE TRUTH.  Our mind tries to trick us with belief systems we create over our lifetimes which are meant to support us. Trouble is most times they get in our way and if we sit down and look at them, they aren’t true. Once upon a time they may have been .. but not now!  When we HEAR this we are able to get out of our own way so that we can walk our truth.  

Listening from the Heart

You will notice that I use the word LISTENING over and over again.  Listening is such an important skill. But it is a LEARNED skill.  We come into this world equipped with our sense of HEARING. But LISTENING is so much more than HEARING the sounds that come into our field. 

When we LISTEN we are bringing our attention to what we hear.  I remember as I’m sure you will being told as a child “You’re not listening.”  You know those moments in school when you’re mind wanders and thoughts take you off somewhere much more interesting than the world of say algebra!  We all know that if something captures our imagination we certainly do listen .. we focus on what we are hearing.  We can choose to listen or not. 

But there are many aspects to Listening.  When we are with others .. we may hear them, even acknowledge them but we don’t REALLY hear them.  Those of us who are parents are aware of the importance of listening to our children yet sometimes we are simply too tired to bother. What we really want is peace and quiet. But that for us is also a kind of LISTENING … for it gives us chance to LISTEN to our selves.  To hear what we NEED or FEEL.  



We rarely give ourselves the time to just be and listen to our selves. Our brain is incredibly busy creating thoughts, or stories or recapping events. It retrieves memories for us to relive in our minds or to rewrite in own own words. It also replays events which are the source of our emotions, for us to re-examine and reshape.  

But there is another aspect of LISTENING that many may never have consciously experienced.  And that really doesn’t involve our conscious brain. In fact it doesn’t actually involve us DOING anything.  It needs us to just BE, letting all those thoughts just drift by without giving them attention, and LISTEN TO OUR HEARTS.

I speak now from my own experience.  I have been a participant in many study groups which have explored the processes involved in LISTENING both to others and my self.  And I have found that to listen effectively both to others and myself, I have to be absolutely PRESENT in the moment of listening.  

Being PRESENT with another person or your self

Being PRESENT with someone else or even with yourself allows you to REALLY LISTEN and HEAR what is being said  WITHOUT ANY JUDGEMENT. We all have a tendency to create opinions about what we hear or what is spoken to us. But that IS making a JUDGEMENT.  None of us likes to be criticised and judged. It often makes us react and defend ourselves sometimes very fiercely. So if we bring our own agenda and bias to when we listen to others .. we are bringing judgement into that space. Humans are so sensitive to judgement that we KNOW instantly that if happening even if words are not spoken.  

So HOW can we be truly HEARD .. TRULY LISTENED TO if we feel that can happen? It’s what silences us and stops us speaking out. And for many people NOT BEING HEARD is one of the most difficult feelings we have to deal with.  

BEING PRESENT means that you come to the listening space with open mind and NO AGENDA. Effectively you LISTEN from your heart space .. with an open heart and bring LOVE to the process.  LOVE IS ACCEPTANCE OF BEING,  ACCEPTANCE OF WHO YOU ARE,  IN ALL YOUR COLOURS AND MOODS .. 

TO achieve this takes awareness and practice. 

It’s what I do.  It’s who I am. I HEAR you .. and also I HEAR myself .. but that hearing is a DEEP LISTENING not just of the WORDS SPOKEN but the context and emotion behind them.   The quote I have added below was one that I heard David Augsburger speak at a workshop he attended. These words remain with me always ….

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.”

― David W. Augsburger, Caring Enough to Hear and Be Heard