Exploring what it is to be human. We all aspire to be the best versions of ourselves that we can discover. But how do we do that? What tools do we need? Our greatest gifts to ourselves are time and awareness. But how do we do that in our chaotic lives where we may be living on the edge or at least just touching in ourselves what may be possible. Here we touch on all that arises in connection with BEING HUMANS



    Beginning with …. The Pause Mind in action, racing, angular, sharp, invasive … “STOP!”  I shout wanting relief.  Pushing it all away … needing what I call “peace of mind”. A yearning;  a longing. Failing miserably as it drags me into another brief chapter – exhausted. “STOP!” What if?  What if … I “do” nothing?  Don’t push, hide, ignore, shout and scream, stoke it’s embers giving it the oxygen to burn even brighter. What if … I press the “PAUSE” button just for a second … the briefest of moments…



    Freedom .. what does it mean to you? I am hearing many voices expressing the feeling that their FREEDOM is being taken away because so many rules are being laid down. They may be spoken as “for personal protection and safety” but for all NHS workers and everyone in the whole world.  So what do we mean by FREEDOM?  Freedom is really a quality of being; it’s not a physical thing.  So I ask you how can anyone take that away from you?  That quality means that you have the…


    WALK DON’T RUN : An Invitation

    SLOWING DOWN TIME . Walk slowly .. an invitation Walk don’t run. That’s it.  Walk, don’t run. Slow down, breathe  deeply, and open your eyes because there’s a whole world right here within this one.  The bush doesn’t suddenly catch on fire, it’s been burning the whole time. Moses is simply moving slowly enough to see it. And when he does,he takes off his sandals. Not because the ground has suddenly become holy, but because he’s just now becoming aware that the ground has been holy the whole time. LISTEN But…


    Listening as a Child

    THE SACREDNESS OF LISTENING Sacred Listening is, in essence, such a simple process …. to let thoughts fade and bring attention to something subtly felt in the body … acknowledging how it is for me in this moment.  There’s something about it that feels like a re-connection, a re-learning.  Something there that is so honest, devoid of all the complexity our mind associates with learning … …. something so childlike, so tender. Focusing attention on what is there I recognise it in my grandchildren.  How often have I heard the…