Do you need to work with a therapist?

Look around you.  You are surrounded by colour. That colour is created by things reflecting light energy towards your eyes. It is interacting with you. You brain processes the information about the colour and YOU respond back.  You may not even notice that happening .. BUT what if you DID look around you and simply take in the colours .. focusing maybe on one that attracts your attention .. or that you really like!  Feel that colour .. notice how it subtly changes you .. your thoughts .. maybe even your day … We cannot help but be affected by colour energies. 

Colour Therapy is one of the oldest therapies on the planet!

And it does just that .. it helps you to harness all the wonderful effects of light in the visible range to enhance our MENTAL and PHYSICAL HEALTH, OUR EMOTIONAL HEALTH and our WHOLE WAY OF BEING.   We could see how we are caught up in advertising, how TV and other media attract our attention.  We could chose what colour interactions helped us to feel GREAT.  That’s exactly what I help you to do .. and it so often brings about real change in your life if you allow it. And it’s FUN 

The types of colour therapy sessions on the market are as varied as the colours of the rainbow.

But for thousands of years COLOUR THERAPY has been explored all over the world, in many forms, as a non invasive complementary therapy. It has a fascinating history dating back  to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India. The symbolic way colour was used to convey meaning is so apparent in their art.  

The ancient Greeks were the first to detail recipes and processes for making fabric dyes. Their colours came to signify a number of things both on the battlefield, and simply walking down the street where is was an indication of status.

In present times, all over the world, colour is used to create a sense of well being for all humans in so many ways, in all societies and cultures. Nature was there first with all of this with her gentle prolific assortment of greens and blues, browns and golds. Add to that the sometimes riotous splashes of colour from flowers and fruits, not forgetting the animals kingdom and we are surrounded by an abundance of colour.

As babies we first experience colour in the womb where we are enveloped in a nurturing and comforting peachy pink. Our early attention is drawn to the PRIMARY COLOURS, red, yellow and green which rapidly expand to that of our environment. Responding to colour is such an essential part of our learning … 

Later, as our brains develop we become able to discriminate between over 9000 colours. We become sensitive to many shades and tints of different hues and this sensitivity invites us to see the detail of our world in all its seasons, textures and forms


As we get older we attach so many different feelings, memories and meanings to particular colours which can then become a feature in our subconscious. We can even build up prejudices to colours which have happy, sad, or frightening connotations for us.

We are these days constantly exposed to colour in the media, in adverts, within the technology we use .. on our phones and laptops constantly.  COLOUR is an art form in advertising. It is used to target the right audience and create a specific response. It is important that we truly understand how each one of us is affected by the colour in our lives. We can then make an informed choice rather than being part of the herd response to ads. 

When I first encountered COLOUR THERAPY and experienced how it made me feel, I was hooked!  It felt just like many other modalities I had tried but so much more powerful.  But  Colour affects each on of us differently due to the experiences we have had in life, and the society we live in.  Add to that the known physiological (bodily) and psychological (mind) responses that operate universally on each of us then it makes perfect sense that we can discover ways to use COLOUR for our personal wellbeing,

Colour is so much fun to play with .. we ALL play with it when we chose an outfit to wear, when we decorate our houses, even when we buy our food!  I’m her to show you some angles of using and playing with Colour you maybe had never thought of.    

This video 


Strangely to me this means little as it is all this PLUS all my life time experiences and healing that create who I am. But some people like to see this!

I completed a three year Diploma course in Colour Therapy, Colour Healing and Counselling.  Such a qualification is only ever a beginning and over the last 10 years, I have been able to develop my own intuitive ways of using colour to enhance that of many people.  

Add to that my training and experience as a Focusing Practitioner, I offer a range of experiences both ONLINE or IN PERSON (locally) which offers an opportunity for YOU to discover your unique connection with colour and how to use that wisdom to enhance your life. 

B.A.; B.Sc.(Hons); Dip. IRIS CThC. Holistic Colour Therapy & Counselling; Cert. IRIS CThC. Colour Therapy & Healing.

Teacher of Meditation, COLOUR Therapies and COLOUR JOURNEYING; Qualified Practitioner in FOCUSING with the British Focusing Association.

I also work on three specific aspects of colour work both 1:1 online and in person: 







Meditation is a practice in which you learn to still your mind. To rest it from distracting thoughts.
I uses colour to assist that beautiful process.
I have been teaching meditation for 15 years and practising it for much longer. This practice creates so many proven benefits.


If you have attended yoga classes you may have experienced a breathing practice such as Pranayama. Breathwork teaches you to breathe consciously, with awareness, and with intent. Colour adds the dimension of light, coloured light, to that experience.

Colour Cards


I have created and developed my own beautiful set of cards which we use together to discover your connection to colour. It feels like a mystery to discover what is revealed by your choices. Your choices reflect exactly where you are.