INDIGO ~ The colour of the night sky

Do you remember learning ROYGBIV when you were growing up? Yep, those seven colours of the rainbow—but “I” for Indigo? Can you even really see this colour? It mysteriously blends between blue and violet, so much so that many people even leave it out today. So why was it originally included in the colour spectrum?

It was our notable famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton who decided that there MUST be seven colours in the rainbow not six, when he was tinkering around with prisms. He created his own colour wheel demonstrating this as he came up with the Modern Theory of Optics back in 1655 around the time of the Black Death. He explored how light passed through prisms at different angles and formed different colours. His colour wheel was to form the basis of the rainbow we are so familiar with

Sir Isaac decided that there must be seven colours because this number was spiritual and mystical and therefore significant — there were seven planets (at the time) and seven notes on the musical scale. Newton believed that green, the strongest colour from the sun, would be the central colour, and around green would fall red, orange, and yellow at one end and blue and violet at the other end. But that was out of balance … so ……

Now, he just needed his seventh colour…what about the new blue dye that had been imported from the Indies? The Indigo Dye