How do you 'colour' your day?

Many of us never give a moments thought to this question!  Why would we? We leap (?) out of bed. Drag our clothes on. Grab some breakfast if we are lucky. Grab the kids and throw them out at he school gate, if we have any ……

Oh I’d forgotten any partner you may have .. but possibly you have too!!!   

We haven’t time to THINK about colour.  But what if we could?  What if we could for moment PAUSE , make choices and even PLAY with colour?? 

If you think about it  …. 

Life is a like a Box of Crayons or of you want to be more fluid … a paint box

It’s always fun to explore your relationship with colour. Here is one idea that I use with many of my clients and friends, (and myself) to briefly consider which colours I feel can be useful to me in my day ahead.

When we sling our clothes on, we are unaware of the effect the colours of those clothes has on anyone we meet. Their behaviour, their body language, their reaction towards you energetically if highly influenced by what you wear. 

You may well be asking how COLOURS can be USEFUL!  We can actually manipulate other peoples response to use by the colours we choose! 

 Suppose you chose to wear a red dress or a red tie today! How would that make you feel? 

What if that choice was blue, or green instead?

  • Throughout our lives we interact with colour in different ways:
  • Different Colours have a different PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL on each on of us. We are largely unaware of this. It is called the UNIVERSAL EFFECT OF COLOUR.
  • Through our lives we interact with colour through our experiences. These are linked to our emotions, and to our general health and wellbeing. These interactions offer us choices in the colours we surround ourselves with.
  • Through social, cultural, commercial and maybe religious pressures. 
To summarise all of that, we develop preferences for certain colours throughout our lives.
Those choices have the ability to influence the way we FEEL and BEHAVE.  Wow.. that’s a powerful thought!

But so much more than that … if you allow yourself to FEEL in your body how a colour affects you. You can so easy harness colour to help you through the day, each day each moment … colouring your day!

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