Listening as a Child


Sacred Listening is, in essence, such a simple process …. to let thoughts fade and bring attention to something subtly felt in the body … acknowledging how it is for me in this moment.  There’s something about it that feels like a re-connection, a re-learning.  Something there that is so honest, devoid of all the complexity our mind associates with learning …

…. something so childlike, so tender.

Focusing attention on what is there

I recognise it in my grandchildren. 

How often have I heard the phrase “my tummy hurts” when they are uncertain or scared.  I notice that light in their eyes when they touch something inside themselves that makes them want to explode with a joyful boisterous energy. I hear how it is for them in this moment.

It’s all there for us to see as they experience their felt sense – in a look, a gesture, a change in pace, a momentary pause.  But do we as parents, grandparents, teachers, ‘see’ it?  Do we ‘hear’ it? Do we value their inner contact …

Their Listening … as a child?

I have a young grandson who Listens. The other day a fleeting moment of panic. His words ‘I feel shaky’ – and no wonder – he was about to walk across a stage in front of over 1000 people. But his Listening was noticed; those few simple words heard – he was ‘held’ – not alone – helped to feel the “Lion” inside him – and as he did, the easing of his fear and a straightening of his body as he recognised his inner courage – a smile at FEELING heard.    

… from his Listening as a child.

As with all of us who practice sacred Listening. We walk on this amazing journey, each uniquely experiencing with others a developing openness, honesty, trust and love. In respecting and honouring each other’s process we hold that same sacred place. The one that we may, or may not have experienced as a child ….

But what if we had been heard? Our Listening valued as it is now for each one of us?

What if we all ‘heard’ our children’s Listening?

What if the world Listened to its children?

Imagine the possibilities ……..

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