Here you will be able to discover more about the sort of work I offer.     

As I work energetically and intuitively, I always find myself drawing on the many skills, experiences and tools that I have learned and used in my own life over many many years. I also have a great knowledge of herbs, nature and many scientific areas which always enhance what I offer . It is just part of who I am.  

I work with clients both IN PERSON and ONLINE. 

I have had clients in many countries where is impossible to meet face to face. But over many years I have created a space using a software platform called ZOOM which if free and easy to download where we can meet. I use zoom for individual sessions and for group sessions and teaching.

If you choose and INTEND to work with me ONLINE I will always offer you the opportunity to meet with me for a short FREE 20 minute session so that you get the feel for how this is. This would also enable you to ask any questions you may have.  If you would like a free session please contact me using the button below: 

Colour Therapies I currently offer:

Colour Breathing and Reiki : Only offered on a 1:1 basis

I am a Reiki Practitioner Level 2  having followed the traditional training path. However, as Part of my Colour Therapist’s qualifications,  I again was trained in Reiki but then I quite naturally explored the use of colours … light energy in this practice. I  offer sessions with clients which inevitably tap into my own energies and colour which are a reflection of yours. 
Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It emerged in Japan in the late 1800’s and is said to involve the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to their patient.  Energy healing has been used for centuries in various forms. Advocates say it works with the energy fields around the body.  

I also use a particular breathing technique with my clients which I finds settle and relaxes them so they are more receptive to the movement of energies which is so often felt in the body.  In my experience and those of my clients … this experience provides a feel good factor although some struggle to put this into words!   

Reflective Colour Card Readings

Colour Cards

I work with two sets of cards, one of which I have created, which truly do in your hands reflect who you are and the potential for change in you.  This has always been a magical area of my work which always brings great insightfulness and often creates meaningful change in your life. 

I have several sets of cards from which I work and you are welcome to have input into which one I use.  However if I feel strongly that another set is more appropriate I will also bring those into our field.

You will be given a set of my cards with which to work. I may ask you to complete a colour diary so that you can see changes for yourself.  Clients often ask me for a 2nd session to review these changes and I do this at a reduced charge of £20.

If you would like purchase a larger set of my Reflective Colour Cards and  Reading Guide, you may do so at a cost of £15. Please contact me directly 

I work both ONLINE and in person 1:1 in this area. Please contact me if this draws your interest. 

Explorer Packages


Exploring how Colour Expresses itself in your life

This package is a joyful expression of who you are!  An acceptance of where you are now in your life and a long hard look at your amazing potential.  You are an expression of the colour in your life. So let’s see what that looks like.  The more balance we have in our lives the greater the array of colours we feel until we literally start to GLOW!  We can feel ourselves shining more brightly with greater confidence. 

This package begins with Colour Card Readings as described above which WILL reveal to you many things about yourself which you maybe aren’t aware of.  We will then continue to explore how you can use colour to much greater advantage in your life.  We may look at which colours complement your personality type, or through creative (visual arts and crafts) or sensual (aromatherapy) aspects of your life.  

Exploring the world of Colour with a unique package tailored to meet you needs.

This half day (3 hour) package will always be designed around three elements:

  • Reflective Colour Card Readings 
  • Either Colour Reiki and Breathing or Colour Meditation 
  • Exploring your Creative Energies and looking at how you can bring them with ease in to your life. 
There are many aspects to how I work and areas of my expertise so there are many adjustments we can make depending on your needs. 
This package is offered both ONLINE and in person.  I will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire and meet with me online, prior to our session together. 

Personal Transformational Packages

Deep Listening: a space to explore your needs

I have heard so many people expressing how it feels when you don’t feel heard.  They can feel ignored, angry, worthless, frustrated, confused, unloved. This often comes out in our behaviour either as attention seeking or hiding in silence. We all NEED to be heard .. to be able to express ourselves, to explore who we are and what our needs are.  it is part of being mindful and caring for ourselves. It is a key aspect of mental healthiness. 

I am a qualified and experienced LISTENING PRACTITIONER.  I offer you a space where together we can explore what needs to be heard. We can journey together to discover what changes you may want or need to make in your life.  You will never be judged, criticised or ignored, just held and gently guided to explore what’s there for you. 

This package is offered both ONLINE and in person.  


Discovering what is stopping you being the person you want to be

This is something we ALL have to face up to sooner or later.  The only thing that’s getting in the way of us being that person we really want to be is OURSELVES!  We get in our own way with our stuck belief systems which we stick to like glue. We give great weight to our thoughts and what we know. If we are honest we really don’t know how we got to this point in our lives. We just know we want it to be better than it is now!

If you think about it! It’s really a no brainer. You’re struggling with an overloaded life and you’re crying out for healing, help and a ‘fast-track’ route to just feeling better about everything.  

Being willing to explore what keeps you stuck in your life is exactly the place to begin to create change.  Where you are is exactly where we start from.

I use a mixture of techniques to explore your belief systems which have worked so well for me through my life and for clients.  This package is used online and in person.  You will never be judged, criticised or ignored, just held and gently guided to explore what’s there for you. 

This package is offered ONLINE and in person


How do I work?

Until two years ago I always worked with my clients 1 : 1 , in person.  I still do!   However, unless I have already met you I always say HELLO to clients initially online .. via messenger, skype , zoom or whatever is convenient.  This is done for security for both of us .. so that you can speak to me and ask any questions and vice versa!  

However in this era of technology, I also work with REFLECTIVE COLOUR CARD READINGS online.