WALK DON’T RUN : An Invitation


Walk slowly .. an invitation

Walk don’t run.
That’s it.  Walk, don’t run.

Slow down, breathe  deeply,
and open your eyes because there’s a whole world right here within this one. 

The bush doesn’t suddenly catch on fire, it’s been burning the whole time.

Moses is simply moving
slowly enough to see it. And when he does,he takes off his sandals.

Not because the ground has suddenly become holy,
but because he’s just now becoming aware that the ground has been holy the whole time.


But walking, which leads to seeing,

Now that’s something.

That’s the invitation for every one of us today,
and everyday, in every conversation, interaction,
event, and moment: to walk, not run.
And in doing so,
to see a whole world right here within this one.

Robert Bell

This theme arises over and over again in our lives. We are so busy, rushing around we so rarely PAUSE. 

But walk don’t run is that invitation to PAUSE, to be able to take in the whole sense of how a moment feels.  How THIS moment feels right now. 

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